Kuadra Support Services

Which services does Kuadra Support provide?

Kuadra offers monthly bookkeeping services. We will be recording your receipts and disbursements on the cash basis method of accounting. We will prepare your monthly bank reconciliations, monthly financial statements, annual deliverables, record payroll (not process payroll), maintain any fixed asset schedules, book depreciation calculations and maintain your equity accounts depending on ownership structure.

Kuadra also offers recruitment process nearshoring and on demand direct hire services. Our staff will identify, interview, screen and present the best candidates available for your consideration for you to hire in a nearshore capacity. We will also assist with employee on-boarding, payroll processing, background checks, and ongoing human capital retention services as needed

Who services my account?

You will have one service member assigned to your account and he/she will partner with you and your team to perform the services you have contracted in a personalized manner through effective communication.

Do you replace my CPA?

Absolutely not, we value your relationship with your CPA. In fact, we make his/her life much easier by ensuring your books and records are kept up to date and are presented accurately. This will help eliminate frustration, costly rework, and inefficient time delays that could arise by having your books and records be kept by an inexperienced professional.

Will my CPA have access to my books?

Only with your approval. Your books and records are precisely that…Your Books and Records. Anyone you desire can have access to your files so long as you provide authorization.

Do you provide audits or tax services?

No. We can assist you and coordinate with your CPA to make sure he or she has the necessary information needed to provide such services to you. We do not provide audit, review, tax or other attest services.


What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a practice used by companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally.

What is does nearshore mean?

Nearshoring is the practice of getting work done or services performed by people in neighboring countries rather than in your own country or far away continents. The services performed are normally done by professionals on your same time zone or very similar ones.

Why should we outsource with Kuadra Support?

Costs – Outsourcing your back office to us will definitely save you time and the cost of hiring/contracting staff, implementing costly IT infrastructure and incur other additional administrative related costs that come with hiring an employee. By reducing these costs and allowing you to focus on your operations and revenue generating activities you can focus on what will make your business grow.

  • Professional expertise. – By working with Kuadra, you no longer have to worry if your books and records are accurate and up to date.
  • Technology. – We have carefully selected our Application Service Providers (ASP) so these are easy to use and understand by every business owner and manager. Also you have full access to your company information on a 24/7 basis through your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Pricing. – Kuadra Support services are cost-competitive and you’ll find the value you’re receiving will be much greater than hiring someone internally. We will make sure your chosen package suits your company size and needs. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction both on pricing and service.

Will I lose control of my business by outsourcing bookkeeping?

Absolutely not. We are partnering with you to help your business grow. In fact you will have more control of your company’s financials since you’ll have timely and accurate reports that will provide tangible value and support the important decisions you make.

What are the differences of outsourcing to Mexico rather than China or India?

Geographic proximity and cultural similarities. This means that travel and communications are easier and less expensive between United States and Mexico than China or India. Also, there are many commonalities between both cultures and most professionals speak fluent English.

Security of information

Is my data secure?

We take security very seriously and we ensure that our customers related information is not misused, published, or distributed to third-parties. We use the same level of encryption that big companies, government, or any financial institutions use. We do this by using Application Service Providers (ASP), such as Intuit and Microsoft. Along with relying on the serucity provided by ASPs, our accountants manage all your files in the “cloud” so that we don’t risk any data exposure on our local drives.

Also, with no exception, all of our employees sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to protect the information of our customers.

Who has access to my data?

Only your designated bookkeeping team will have access to your company’s financial information. Only those with your written permission will have access to your data.

How do I access to my financials?

You’ll have access to your accounting 24/7 from any internet accessible computer, smartphone or tablet using your designated Kuadra username and password.

Pricing options

How do I know which package would fit best for my company?

You can pick from one of the pre-defined packages on our home page. We can also schedule an initial phone call or Skype conference call with your team to make sure we understand what your company does, what is the common type and number of transactions you have and how much activity your company has on a monthly basis. This will allow us identify what package is best suited for you and your business.