For Accountants

Expand your business and gain a competitive edge.

We offer the same services to your clients that we offer to our clients. Partner with us to strengthen your advisory relationships and to grow your accounting business. You are the face to your client and we do the work. You don’t need to worry about hiring on more people and all of the costs associated with a new hire. We’ll pass the savings on to you and your clients.




Accounts Receivable/Collections

Sales Tax

Why partner with Kuadra?

  • Affordable and Simple
  • Give clients a fresh take on bookkeeping
  • Save your clients time and money
  • Grow your client’s and your bottom line
  • Our team is always ready to help
  • We do catch-up bookkeeping too
  • Great value-add for your already successful practice

“Kuadra helped me to fix and put my QuickBooks on auto-pilot. I save about 8 hours a month on tedious data-entry and it’s a life-saver having my books ready for tax season.”

Oscar MorenoFounding Member,

“Kuadra has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I got into my business to design and create, not to crunch numbers and run reports. I can put my focus back on earning money instead of data entry and bookkeeping.”

Hector GomezFounder and Creative Director, Goca Studio