Kuadra's Talent

We work hard on recruiting talent by following high standards of excellence. We ensure that our staff is aligned with the core values that form the foundation of our organizational culture. To support our core values we determined that our team must speak fluent English, be customer service oriented, have sense of urgency, be efficient, have technical prowess in accounting, have gained sufficient experience in the job market, possess excellent communication skills and strive to achieve a high degree of continuous improvement. We employ a wide variety of highly skilled professionals, all of which are bilingual.

Facilities in Mexico

Kuadra Support S. de R.L. (Kuadra MX) is a Mexico wholly owned subsidiary of Kuadra Support, LLC (Kuadra U.S. and collectively referred to as Kuadra). Located in Hermosillo, Kuadra MX operates in a nearshore capacity therefore conveniently facilitating timely service at a reasonable cost.

Why Mexico?

It’s a strategic location positioned in North America. Mexico is a natural talent-generating region. It offers a wide variety of highly skilled professionals, most of which are bilingual. The similarity of Mexico and U.S. cultures create an excellent environment of collaboration between both economies. It’s because of this that Kuadra specializes in providing nearshore bookkeeping and human capital recruitment services to the largest market in the world, the United States of America.

What can you tell me about Hermosillo?

Hermosillo, the capital of the state of Sonora, is only 175 miles from the border with southern Arizona, and 60 miles from the coast of the Gulf of California. A beautiful medium size city with high rates of growth and employment (97% employment rate), offers an excellent quality of life towards its residents. Hermosillo has modern infrastructure and the transportation services required to move quickly and safely between the U.S. and Mexico. These attributes have allowed for Hermosillo to become one of the best places to work in Mexico and to do business with America. It has a high availability of talent thanks to its 22 universities located within its urbanized area and 24 research centers. Finally, Hermosillo has the same time zone as Arizona.

Some advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping to us:

That staff of Kuadra understands that businesses are always under intense time and cost constraints. Most small to medium sized company owners find it difficult to be in complete control of every aspect of their operational or administrative functions. It’s because of this that we outline some of the advantages of outsourcing/nearshoring some of your back office support functions to us:

  • Saving time: Accounting processing is time consuming and companies tend to lose focus on core competencies while trying to manage such a process. Kuadra will free up time for value-added revenue-generating tasks to your organization.
  • Cost effective services: A major advantage associated with nearshoring your back office support functions to us, is the cost-effectiveness of our services. There are substantial savings on operational costs that will allow you and your business to redirect resources towards the funding of core business processes.
  • Gaining from the assistance of experts: Kuadra hires experienced professionals to perform the services being offered to you. Our team can provide value by adding analytic thinking to your company.
  • Keeping it private and confidential: Keeping your valuable information private and confidential can be a daunting in today’s digital environment. We task ourselves with ensuring that your information is kept safe and secure. We make sure to use the most advanced technology to secure your information and we are continually improving safety protocols and procedures to ensure our client’s information is secure and protected.