$ 89

Per Month
  •  5 Transactions a month or less
  •  1 bank account


$ 150

Per Month
  •  If you have up to $3,500 in monthly expenses
  •  4 Add-Ons (see below)


$ 250

Per Month
  •  If you have from $3.5K to $20K in monthly expenses
  •  3 Additional Add-Ons. Total 7


$ 350

Per Month
  •  If you have from $20K to $50k in monthly expenses
  • 3 Additional Add-Ons. Total 10


$ 450

Per Month
  •  If you have from $50k to $200k in monthly expenses
  •  3 Additional Add-Ons. Total 13


  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly delivery of financial statements
  • Recording of transactions (see package)
  • No commitment Initial Interview
  • Unlimited Contact via:
  • Unlimited phone calls (scheduled)
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited video conferencing (scheduled)
  • Payroll recording included (not processing)

Add-Ons ($25 ea):

  • Bank Account (Each additional bank account)
  • Line of Credit (Credit Cards, Loans, Etc.) (Each additional credit card or line of credit)
  • Fixed asset listing maintenance and book depreciation calculations (considered 2 Add-Ons)
  • Maintenance of equity accounts depending on ownership structure (Partnership vs. Corporation)
  • Catch up work is billed at monthly packaged price plus $15 per month.

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